Whether you’re looking for more area for your growing family, hope to increase your future resale value, or simply want to unleash your creativity, home additions can be a fun and rewarding project. And the great thing is, there are as many ways to expand as there are reasons to.

Here are five options for increasing your square footage.

  • Up, up and away! Putting a second story on a ranch home — or a third story on a two story, for that matter — is a great way to expand your living area without expanding your footprint. Especially on small lots such as in urban areas, raising the roof can be the perfect solution.
  • Create a “jewel box.” When designed with abundant windows and even skylights, this type of addition can provide the added benefit of helping you feel more connected to the environment outside your home.
  • Go small. If the goal of your project is more about changing the appearance of your home than creating more living space, a small addition can make a surprisingly big difference. Simply by adding more depth or changing the visual lines of your house, a minor modification can make it feel like you’re coming home to a whole new space.
  • Spread out. If you have a large lot, extending your home horizontally can actually give the illusion that you are adding more square footage than you really are. And where privacy and quiet are desired, the space furthest from the center of your home will provide more of that.
  • Create an indoor/outdoor area. Spaces that are covered or semi-covered but not fully enclosed can form a very appealing transition area between the house and yard. Providing some protection from the elements, they allow you to enjoy them at the same time.

As you plan your addition you’ll have many questions to ponder. Should the new space blend in with the existing space? Would it be more fun if it stood out from it? Will it change the way people perceive the architectural style or period of my home, and if so, am I OK with that? How will it affect my resale value?

An experienced JMC contractor can help you work through these considerations. Once you’re comfortable with your decisions, you can kick back and watch the transformation unfold.