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Mold Remediation Services

Top 7 places where toxic mold lives in your home

Mold can live almost anywhere in your home. If it can get wet, is prone to high humidity or is hidden from view, toxic mold may be lurking. Mold is most commonly found on porous materials, such as wood, drywall, ceilings, paneling, and leather fixtures and furniture. How do you know it’s mold – besides […]

November 18, 2015 Environment, Health, Mold

Why Hire a General Contractor?

Congratulations! You own some property and have commissioned or purchased a floor plan you like-the time has come to build your dream house. Here in the Pacific Northwest, it really doesn’t matter what the current season because we don’t have that many below-freezing temperatures to deal with in the winter. You may feel ready to […]