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How Frozen Pipes are like Icebergs for your home

With cold and freezing weather approaching, it’s important to be aware of one of the more damaging results of extreme temperatures: burst pipes. A burst pipe can lead to extensive flooding and structural damage, especially if it occurs above the ground floor. This article outlines some of the causes and signs of burst pipes and […]


Beautiful Celebrity Dream Homes & Restorations

As most people already know, there are some beautiful dream homes and mansions in New Jersey and New York. Most could be described as peoples’ dream homes, especially when you have tall cathedral ceilings, a beautiful stone fireplace, ballroom spiral staircases leading to the second story that has 8 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. These are simply […]


Why Hire a General Contractor?

Congratulations! You own some property and have commissioned or purchased a floor plan you like-the time has come to build your dream house. Here in the Pacific Northwest, it really doesn’t matter what the current season because we don’t have that many below-freezing temperatures to deal with in the winter. You may feel ready to […]