JMC Mold Remediation Services and Mold Removal in Brooklyn, NY

Mold remediation involves mold inspection, cleanup, and removal by certified JMC specialists who will address theMold Remediation Services Freehold Boroughdamage and health risks associated with mold. Despite what many may think, bleach and water will not kill mold, but rather must be removed and the area reconstructed. Therefore, mold remediation is best left to trained professionals who can safely and efficiently remove hazardous waste from your home and eliminate the spread of mold to other rooms.

Finding an Experienced Mold Remediation Professional in Brooklyn, NY

Our remediation and restoration  involves removing and cleaning areas with mold infestation, purifying surrounding air, and restoring damaged areas.  While very minor cases can be fixed with at-home treatments, mold remediation can be a dangerous task if handled without a professional and should not be taken lightly. When it comes to mold remediation, the safety of your family is our number one priority at JMC. Accredited by ACAC, JMC is a Certified Microbial Remediation Company with 20+ years in mold remediation. If you believe there is mold in your home or property, call JMC right away for speedy, expert service. 

The 5 Stages of Mold Remediation & Removal


  • Experienced JMC Contracting specialists will come to your home to identify moldy areas and their sources, followed by a strategized mold remediation plan.


  • Once the source of the moisture is found, the affected area is closed off. Mold spores may be stirred up during the removal process, thus, containment is essential to keeping the mold from spreading.


  • JMC mold remediation specialists will wear goggles and masks to ensure airborne contaminants are kept out as they operate HEPA filters to clean the air of mold spores and other particles.


  • Because mold is a living organism and deeply ingrains itself into materials it is best to dispose of anything porous. Of course, the safest most effective way to ensure mold doesn’t return is to remove the affected material. For those less susceptible items, antimicrobial cleaners and sealants can usually remove signs of mold. It is recommended that you have your HVAC systems professionally cleaned as well.


  • Once all mold-contaminated materials have been removed, the reconstruction process can begin. What was once moldy, harmful material should be replaced with clean, mold-free fixtures and items.


  • Once remediation is complete we search for any signs of remaining water damage, strong odors, or visible mold to ensure the cleanup has been successful.

Please give JMC Contracting a call at (718) 439-9566 if your property is in need of an inspection.

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